Do You Lose Money Faster Playing At Online Casinos Or Land Casino

“I can play all day at the Riverboat casinos but I’ll lose it in a few hours if I play on line.” It is not uncommon to hear people talk about how much faster they lose their money playing at online casinos rather than land-based casinos. As a professional online gambling guide I cannot but help laugh to myself when I hear people exclaiming this statement for many reasons.

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Yes it is true that if you were to time a gambling session at a land casino, black jack table for instance, against the same session of an online casino black jack table then yes there would have been more hands played at the online casino. The online casino offers not only the convenience of not having to wait for the shoe to be shuffled but for all those except card counters the online version of black jack has a nice advantage of every hand being dealt out from a freshly shuffled shoe meaning all the aces and all the tens will be available for a possible black jack.

Almost any of the games that have extra people involved will have more wagers per gambling session when played online because in real life you must wait on each person to make their bet, each person to get paid or have their money taken, players will periodically be needing to buy chips, etc. The only games that would likely have a near-same amount of wagers made would be the video poker and slot machine games.

What I think many people are mistaking when making the statement they lose faster when playing on line is that online casinos are merely doing their job. No, not the job of taking people’s money faster than their land-stranded cousins, but rather to provide a convenience to their customers.Convenience is big in this century and certainly no reason to condemn something that is making your life easier. Now you may ask what is easier about losing your money faster? The answer to that is the obvious. You won’t spend a large portion of your day getting to the casino, fighting all the traffic and enduring all the stress, and then doing it again on your way home which is seldom as an exciting and pleasurable ride as is the ride to the casino. Nor will you wait to play your favorite machine or game because the tables are always open and the slot machines are never busy when you play on line.

As far as the actual payout percentages compare between online casinos and the land-casinos it is almost always in favor of the online games. Slot games average over ninety-five percent payback, the table games average over ninety-six percent and the video poker games are commonly seen at ninety-nine percent or more and average higher than ninety-seven percent.

If you were to add in the consideration that when you drive to a land casino that whether you are winning or losing in that first half-hour, you are likely going to stay there and continue to gamble since you spent the time driving there. Its like deciding to gamble on a day when you know your luck is no good. If you added that into the fact that since online casinos are at your fingertips from the comfort of your own home 24/7, that you have the option to walk away from a bad luck day before it becomes an expensive bad day, and then come back at a later time when your luck has hopefully changed … It really isn’t fair to condemn online gambling as being an entity that takes your money faster than the real life versions. If used properly they can actually be the one to take your money slower.