How to and Where to Play Roulette Online

Roulette is a favorite among casino games, universally recognized as one of the most exciting games in the casino. Perhaps it’s because so many people are often crowded around the table, anxiously awaiting that little round ball to stop in just the right spot. If you’ve never played the game, we highly recommend learning the Roulette rules and giving it a shot.

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There are several forms of Roulette, the two most common being European and American Roulette. For the purpose of these Roulette rules, we’ll be teaching you how to play European roulette, but we’ll go ahead and define the difference between the two.

European Roulette is favored because of one tiny difference. American roulette has a 0 and 00 on the wheel and table. European Roulette uses only the single 0. For this reason, European roulette actually offers a slightly lower house edge. Taking the lowest house edge is always the best way to go in any casino game. Other than that, there is no difference in the actually roulette rules involved.

The Wheel

First we will explain the roulette wheel. The wheel contains all of the same numbers found on the roulette table’s betting diagram, back-dropped with the same colors, red or black, plus green for the 0. When all bets are placed, the wheel is spun in one direction. Then a small metal ball is tossed into the spinning wheel in the opposite direction. The ball bounces around the wheel until finally coming to a stop in a pocket. The number/color of the pocket the ball stops in determines all winning and losing bets.

The Table

This is where the real action takes place as players put their chips on the table’s betting diagram. The table depicts all numbers, 1 – 36, plus the 0. The bets in this area of the table are known as ‘Inside Bets’. The outer area contains more betting options, referred to as ‘Outside Bets’.

Inside Bets

We’ll now define all inside bets and their respective payouts. Inside bets tend to have the highest payouts, but the highest house edge to go along with it.

1 Number Bet – Pays 35 to 1: A wager on a single number.

2 Number Bet – Pays 17 to 1: A wager on two adjacent numbers.

3 Number Bet – Pays 11 t 1: A wager on a single column of 3 numbers.

4 Number Bet – Pays 8 to 1: A wager on 4 intersecting numbers.

6 Number Bet – Pays 5 to 1: A wager on two adjacent columns of 6 numbers.

Outside Bets

All outside bets and payouts are defined below. Outside bets have a higher chance of paying off, but a lower payout overall, ranging from even money to doubling your wager.

1st Twelve – Pays 2 to 1: A wager on the first dozen number, 1 – 12.

2nd Twelve – Pays 2 to 1: A wager on the second dozen numbers, 13 – 24.

3rd Twelve – Pays 2 to 1: A wager on the third dozen numbers, 25 – 36.

Row Bet – Pays 2 to 1: A wager on the first, second or third Row of 12 numbers.

Low – Pays 1 to 1: A wager on the lower half of the numbers, 1 – 18.

High – Pays 1 to 1: A wager on the higher half of the numbers, 19 – 36.

Even – Pays 1 to 1: A wager on any even number (except 0).

Odd – Pays 1 to 1: A wager on any odd number.

Red – Pays 1 to 1: A wager on any red number.

Black – Pays 1 to 1: A wager on any black number.

Where to Play Roulette Online?

You can play European or American roulette or other variations of this game at any online casinos below, all of these casino sites are safe and secure, offer best payouts, attractive bonuses and a wide selection of games