SilverSands Casino had gone Mad with Promos!

SilverSands Casino is easily one of the very best online casino sites that this reputation is not only as a result of their impeccable games, generous bonuses and jackpots!

SilverSands Casino provide above and beyond the usual treats offered by any online casino site when it comes to daily promotions, so if you want to snap up some stellar prizes that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else then make sure that you head on over to SilverSands Casino. The first little treat that you have to check out is their Super Slots Tournament!

Slots Sensations!

Do you love enjoying the almost instant win aspect of an online slot game? Do you love simply clicking that SPIN button and sitting back, relaxing and letting the computer do all the work? Then you will absolutely love the Silver Sands Casino slot Super Slots because wining a tourney does not get any easier than this! Unlike the complicated blackjack tourneys or the complex poker tourneys, this little delight involves the player literally just clicking their way to tourney stardom and juicy jackpots!

Silver Sands Casino Super Slots Tournaments

If you are competitive then you are going to love this because it involves you battling it out against your online casino competitors to try and bag a slot on the top spot! The top spot is determined by the amount of points that you have. The more you have the higher up the leaderboard you will climb – you know how a tourney works! But the Silver Sands Casino Super Slots tourney has a little bit of a twist to it! Come on – they had to get themselves noticed somehow!

The Super Slots Prizes

The amount of points that you will determines the amount of cash! That’s right – Silver Sands Casino promise that the highest number of points wins prizes to a monetary value!

How to Play

All you have to do is head on over to what is soon to be your fave online casino site (if it isn’t already) Silver Sands Casino and Opt In. You will then be presented with an entry fee. The entry fee covers 2 amounts: the Buy In that contributes towards the big prize pool and another smaller lump of cash that corresponds with the Rake of the tournament.

What to Expect in the Super Slots Tournament

In this SilverSands Casino tourney, the duration is typically just 10 minutes which is the default time limit.

During this time you will get to splash the cash that you lay down for the Entry Fee. Throughout the tourney you will notice that your credits decrease and increase as normal with every spin and you credits are gambled in. Any winnings that you rake in will be handed out to you as points. It is then these points that are used to determine your standing on the tournament leaderboard. You can then check this leaderboard at any given time to see where you stand.

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