Surefire Tips To Winning Poker Live

Are you one of the many people in the world that would consider playing poker live as the best and challenging match they could have? Well, if you are then you would also probably know that playing online on Bola Online and learning all about live poker strategies is a very simple way through which you can acquire good and useful tells that are very helpful for you since you can use them against any of your opponents.

But you must not largely depend on these tells. What you are expected to do is to look at all the hands as an enigmatic puzzle and tells would just be present pieces in it.

A lot of people’s failures would be very much rooted in the fact that they always or most of the time depends on tells that they see instead of getting first the vital information that is more important in winning the game.

Some factors that one might consider would be regarding the player’s past performances in previous games, their present mood, type of player that they can be characterized, and more especially the betting of a certain player. Below are some tips or tells that would surely help you in winning poker games.

Chips loading

This is commonly the favorite of most players since this is also the most obvious one. This would take place after a player gets his card, then he would immediately look in the stacks of his chips and you will surely know that he has a good hand. He is just checking on the possibility of winning so that he would be able to define his bet. Most players are doing this from time to time that is why it is often obvious.

After chip loading, your opponent will surely do the next move—-raising the pot. This would be a confirmation that he has indeed a good hand. All you need to do is to think of how you can narrow his chances of winning by assuming the hand that he has.

Betting patterns

This is very easy to understand since it is self-explanatory. All you need to do is to watch the betting patterns that your opponent manifest, his speed of betting, and the amount that he bets. Just also remember how much they bet and you will see by then their very own pattern in betting.

Looking away

This “tell” is very common when a player is having a very strong hand. They do look away so that they would not give you an idea of the hand that they have. They commonly do this so as not to intimidate you or would send you a message that they are weak but not.

Staring at you

This is done by an opponent especially if he wants to bluff you that might lead you into folding. Do not give in easily on this since it is very tricky.


This would also be the most obvious tell. If they sit back, be confident since it means that they have a bad hand. But once they sit up eagerly, better back out.