How To Win Online Poker Tournaments – Follow some tips

If there is one casino game where the skill of the player can override much of the random chance, it is the game of poker. There are endless tactics used by experienced poker players to beat the house edge in the ubiquitous card game. And with online jackpots often in excess of $100,000, it’s no wonder that poker strategy guides written by the top professional poker players are selling like hotcakes.

If you want to participate in Parlay leagues and tournaments, then chances of winning more bonuses and rewards is possible for the players. There is a need to use their skills and expertise for the playing of the slot and poker games. A winning experience is available to the players.

Rick “Roller” Rogers is one such pro who has written a definitive guide that will help both beginners and seasoned players take home those huge jackpots. Even if you’ve never played poker before, this guide will help you take home thousands of dollars from every game. The reason that How to Win Online Poker Tournaments truly delivers the goods is that, unlike many other guides, it focuses on online poker (as I’m sure you knew from the name) In many ways, online poker is more of a challenge due to the difficulty of ascertaining tells; the signs that give away your opponents’ positions in the game. You’ll get a step-by-step breakdown of the fool-proof process that Rogers himself uses to win tournaments again and again. This guide is also packed with tips and tricks to take your game to the next level, such as changing tactics mid-game to confuse and disorient opponents, insider secrets from Texas Hold’em professionals, when to bet pre-flop, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, Rick offers a total of seven “Fast Action Bonuses” which are offered if visitors purchase the system within a certain time frame:

A one hour video of Rick himself playing a full game of Texas Hold’em, which allows you to see when he folds, checks, bets, and raises. The “Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner” of Rick’s own development. This tool will show you the odds of winning any hand that is dealt to you. For example, if you are dealt an Ace King unsuited, this will show you exactly what your chances are with this hand. The “Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner.” This is different than the above, in that is shows you how your hand ranks compared to others. The “Color Coded Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner.” Same as the two above, except it is color-coded for quick reference. Rick’s own “Complete Guide To Online Poker Tells.” This guide will show you how to determine your opponents’ positions and gain the upper hand on them, even in online tournaments! The “Profitable Sit’n’Go Strategies Guide To Place You In The Money Every Game,” which is full of simple tips to take your poker skill to the next level. The “Secrets of Online Texas Hold’Em Poker Guide.” This guide will teach you such crucial skills as how to spot cheaters, how to play multiple tables and still win, pre-flop betting guidelines, and much more.

If I had to think of one negative about this guide, I would point out that it focuses on Texas Hold’em poker. However, much of it still applies to other kinds of poker, especially the part about reading the “tells” in online poker games. The tips could be useful to players of any card games.


Rick “Roller” Rogers’ guide “How to Win Online Poker Tournaments,” is a definite winner in our book. Any avid Texas Hold’em player will find it extremely helpful in taking home more and more of those $100,000+ jackpots. We hope that our “How to Win Online Poker Tournaments” review has helped you make an informed decision.