Online Community Card Games

When online poker arrived on the scene, it was looked at as a dream come true for many poker players. No matter what your poker game, there’s somewhere you can play it online. No longer did pot limit Omaha players have to go to Europe to get action. You didn’t have to play in the eastern U.S. to specialize in seven card stud, or the west to make your living at Texas hold’em. With online poker, every game under the sun is as close as your personal computer.

Of course, you don’t have to be any kind of poker expert or specialist to enjoy a variety of online poker games. However, you definitely should take advantage of all the different kind of games that online poker sites have to offer.

Community card games are the most popular type of online poker games enjoyed today. These types of games include Omaha and Texas hold’em. If you like games that don’t require you to keep track of a lot of cards, where the best possible hands are fairly easy to work out, and where the action is fast and exciting, a community card game may be for you. In addition, these types of games tend to be the most conducive to tournament play, and, if this is important to you, to televised poker.

Online Stud Games

Stud games are games where players do not share cards, and some of your cards are exposed to the other players. Seven card stud is the most popular type of stud game, although five card stud is played as well. If you have a good memory for keeping track of exposed cards, are highly observant and calculating, and enjoy games where all of your cards are your own, a stud game may be your way to play poker.

Draw Games

In a draw game, no cards are exposed, and you are able to replace some of the cards in your hand in order to make better ones. Draw games are found quite infrequently online, but they are out there. Draw games are difficult online because since no cards are exposed, the game relies heavily on reading your opponents. If you find you are able to pick up a great deal about your opponents through betting patterns and speed of betting, you may wish to seek out a draw game online.

High Low Games

In a high low poker game, the best hand splits the pot with the poorest hand. Since having two ways to win doubles the amount of hands with win potential, these games tend to induce heavy action. If you like games with big action and big pots, you might look into high low poker.

There’s no rule that says you have to stick to one form or another of poker. In fact, when playing online, you have the luxury of being able to try many different poker games over the course of the same session. Use this as a guide to decide which types of games you want to explore, and find out for yourself which are the most fun – and the most profitable.